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So yeah, I haven't updated since Sunday. Part of me is upset that I'm taking the time to update now.

I'm, uh, trying to beat that part of me back into submission...

I have four shows to catch up on. Yeow. Well, Sunday and Monday were right on target for income, both at about the same level, which is mildly unusual. Sunday wasn't particularly busy (13 rotations), but we had a couple of hours of blankreloaded, and trivialt brought out his sister Jen, which was a lot of fun.

Otherwise, mostly the usual suspects.

Monday was a hell of a lot busier (7 rotations, and 20 individual singers). The big deal there was a visit by the lovely and talented spondee, which brought out quite a few people, including the always sexy candiddani.

Hell, hollyk even sang.

A new group came out (Brian D, Patrick, and Darlene), and sang a few songs. It would be great to see them back, but they seemed to have a "passing through" kind of feel to them.

qzar_mystik came out, and brought his friend Dean. timenchanter spent a great deal of time flirting with Dean, which may or may not have been a problem.

In any case, Anthony, Dean, Timmie, and I had supper afterwards chez April, which everyone seemed to enjoy except, it seemed, Anthony...

When we got home, I started in on the latest database project. There are two, actually. One is simply adding a tag to all Christmas songs, so I can print out a set of those every year. Right at the moment, the tag is in the details field, and prints out. I may change that, since it's kinda ugly.

However. The main change was adding a "show" column to the song database. Well, actually, a "shownm" column, because "show" is a keyword to MySQL, and while I could get the MySQL 4 on my website to (grudgingly) work with it, the MySQL 5 on the karaoke computer had a cow. But anyway.

By Wednesday morning, I had all the various programs, both PHP and Python based, working with the new field. I realize it doesn't seem particularly difficult, but it was difficult enough to get everything working with it, especially given the now somewhat baroque sort process.

Which left only one little detail: Modifying the data proper to separate out the show names and add the Christmas tags. That's been a bit of a nightmare. I may be finished (I was working on it through the Thursday show), but now I sorta need to check my work...

Anyway. I was supposed to make it up to the City by 5:30pm Wednesday, and set up in the dance area rather than the bar. I made it by 6:15pm, in part because traffic sucked, but largely because I had to tear myself away from the database.

Turned out to be fine. In the end we decided that I'd set up in the usual area, because the crowd wasn't likely to get that bad.

And it didn't. It got pretty crowded, but not terrible. We had some sort of odd organized party thing come in, which meant that movement through the bar was a little tricky, but also that income was quite nice. Not fabulous, but nice. Most of them were beer drinkers.

The rotation ended up kinda lopsided, mostly because of a couple of large waves of new singers. 35 people signed up to sing. 5 of them left before their song came up. 18 of them got to sing once. Meanwhile, Amity sang 6 times, and Tobin and I sang 7 - in part because people started drifting out at midnight.

And then, yeah, Tobin. He showed up while I was setting up, and was quite... excited about the idea of karaoke. Not so excited about the idea of buying drinks. He stayed all night, and in the end paid for one beer. And of course, didn't tip.

I'm sorta used to the type. I suppose I should be glad he at least bought the one drink.

I ran out of singers at 1:30am, which made Shwei happy - she likes to shut down early. I was out of there by 2:30am, checked the location of my traffic ticket (There is a "no right turn on red" sign there, dammit), and then headed southward, stopping back at April's for some food.

Then right back into the database thing, which continued through Thursday afternoon.

Though, don't get me wrong - it's not like I haven't slept. I've gotten at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night this week.

The Thursday show was much fun. Not exactly crowded (7 rotations and change), but Timmie's brother Ira brought out their mom, Robyn, who I hadn't met. She even sang a few songs.

Not to mention that we had kshandra, and dionuse, and Colleen (who sang a non-showtune!), and kizmet100, and supersniffles, and more of that sexy candiddani, and the elusive alphaba, and some snafflekid, and celticnoor, and cekyr0, and jeffercine.

And, of course, turkey and shtuff. I gorged myself silly.

So yeah, good night. Not sure that the bar made all that much, but it certainly made enough - and I'm paid a fixed amount, anyway.

I was kinda tired through shutdown, so we weren't out of there until around 2:45am, at which point we came straight home (food would have been... painful). After unloading, this post was one of my first priorities.

Today is my family's Thanksgiving feast, which was put off because I was working. I'm not sure if the Indian contingent will be there (I can hope - Jumi knows where to get the best samosas), but my cousin Beth and her husband are coming, and Timmie's supposed to come up with me, if I can wake him up.

What with his mom visiting, and family stuff in Gilroy, he's gotten less sleep than I have this week.

And now - ze bed.

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