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Bruce [userpic]

I believe I woke up around 3:00pm yesterday. Not sure.

I do know I made it down to the Hamptons at about 5:30pm, after picking up some cheeses, and utterly failing to get tankgirl to come along.

Many, many people, and waaay too much food. It was wonderful. A little wilder, on average, than the usual party, but then hollyk, hektikat, and sugarbare were all there in one place.

I can't even blame any of it on candiddani in her birthday diva-ish glory.

So there was an unusually high amount of girl-on-girl and girl-on-gay-guy making out. The whole orientation-bending bit was apparently somewhat disturbing to some, which I found quite amusing. But then I don't have a problem with guys making out...

I, of course, was mostly wistfully sitting in a corner through this whole thing, in general hanging out with kshandra.

Again, a huge number of people, so it's kinda hard to list them. The big surprise was valeriesparks, Josh, and Lily showing up, which was very, very cool. I hadn't seen Valerie in ages, and I hadn't seen Lily at all.

Mark and Mitchel showed up, which was a blast from the past.

On the less happy side of things, kizmet100 told me her friend Vince had died in the past week. In fact, I just a few minutes ago had a phone call from lucydogstringer, who'd seen the obituary and was wondering. Apparently the given cause was "heart attack," which could cover a multitude of ills.

Definitely an odd night.

I was actually feeling kinda disconnected for a good part of the evening, which is sad. But whatever - it happens.

And the food was good.

I left around 2:00am, played very slightly with database stuff, and went to bed. I've been up for a while, mostly due to various friend drama situations, and need to get myself clean, fed, and ready for work fairly shortly.

It'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, will show up.

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I'll be your pillow any time, m'dear. *hug*


Hugs back!

Uh oh...

Sounds like shit hit the fan? So, us three are the "bad guys"?

I wouldn't stress, dear.

Besides, apparently things got really wild after I left...

Well, I didn't intend on hurting feelings, was just having fun.

As for after we left...

i didn't do it!

I don't think any feelings were hurt. I just find some of my gay friends can be a tad... snooty is I think the best word. I'm not the person to say, but I think everything will be fine.

And yeah, the semi-orgy on the couch had nothing to do with either of us.

I'm almost sorry I missed that one...