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Bruce [userpic]

Apart from some tendrils from the rosy-fingered dawn, and a quick bathroom break around noon yesterday, I slept through the daylight.

It then was the usual matter of slowly waking up, which was somewhat hurried by a request from kshandra for dinner companionship. So timenchanter and I got ourselves together, climbed into the short bus, and drove up to Castro Street and Pasta?.

Not bad - some of the best gnocchi I've had, actually.

We all rolled out of there stuffed to the gills, and headed up to the bar. Jose was just leaving, having fiddled with the place.

I... how to put it. He's a reasonably nice guy, as far as that goes, but has no particular consideration that other people use the damn place too. They'd just cleaned behind the sound equipment in the booth, which is a good thing, except part of the "cleanup" was disconnecting my sound cables and putting them in a corner, as well as knotting up the video cable so it was "out of the way" - which meant it took a while to find and undo.

Meanwhile, of the two spots on the right side of the disco ball, one had been taken down, and the other had been pointed at a go-go box. Which meant I had to reposition it.

Not to mention that he left his "coffin" connected on the shelves in the DJ booth, so I had to disconnect it.

Nothing particularly terrible, mind you, just an extra 20 minutes or so of trying to figure out how to make the place work. Good thing I was there early.

The show itself was enjoyable, if... odd. I got started around 8:45pm, and fairly rapidly got swamped with singers. The first rotation was 21 people long (about an hour and a half), and the second was about the same.

The Alex, Manny, and Nelson group was there, with the new addition of Ed and Richard. Ed loves to do the flamboyant dance thing, which was (intentionally) hilarious, and Richard is a pretty good singer. Then there was Honey, and her... umm, well, I dunno, actually... Maya.

And snafflekid, who stayed all night (for not particularly karaoke-related reasons), cybrenn, Joe, Joe's not-quite-ex Brad, supersniffles, lucydogstringer and Rizza (who wasn't quite used to so many people), Mikey H, moahb, hogarthhughes (who sang after grumbling at me for making him do so. Like it's my fault), kizmet100, and, obviously, quite a few more.

After the second rotation - around 11:00pm - people started heading home, in what felt like larger quantities than usual. I mean, it wasn't like some nights I've had. The second half of the evening was only four more rotations, instead of, say, ten. But it still felt like an awfully fast drop-off.

Bar sales were fairly anemic given the size of the crowd, too. This was one of those weeks that I was happy to be paid a fixed amount on Thursdays.

But whatever, some good singing, and good people.

Shutdown took a while, but Timmie and I were out of there and visiting April at around 3:00pm. Then home.

I was feeling kind of productive when I got here, so I replaced my watchband, ordered some discs, and then convinced myself to go to sleep, rather than work on the rack's video setup. I've been getting increasing amounts of video hum from inside the rack, and I really need to do something about that.

And that's about it. I'm debating going back to sleep vs. going out and getting something done. Or staying in and getting something done...

It's one of my days off. Can't waste it, y'know, relaxing.

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good grief, he knows Homer!

I wondered who, if anyone, would catch that.

Of course, best would have been if I'd worked in a Simpsons reference as well, but that felt like too much work.

a more Odyssean blog would be hard to find

Well, at least it's not Oedipal...

I really do not want to go there.
Let's switch the subject to Sisyphus.

Ah, Sisyphus. An apt metaphor for daily life, but kind of an odd idea of eternal punishment.

I'd expect to mostly find him at the base of the hill, on an extended break.

I suppose that should take us to Prometheus ...

"Our next stop on today's tour of Greek mythology is Prometheus, who proved that companies have always had rather strong attitudes about employees that leak trade secrets."

Totally your fault for having the songs I like to sing. Totally.

Well, I do sorta have to take the blame on that one, don't I?

C'mon, try it - first one's free! And the second one, and the third one, and...

I really need to rethink my business strategy.

Yes, not quite