Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Slow Glide

Most of Sunday passed in a kind of daze, the kind of daze I only get when I'm actively avoiding doing something I need to do.

Which is, um, almost always...

I finally slapped a band-aid on the update sheet problem by making a set of sheets that go back to the printing date of the books. Definitely a temporary solution.

timenchanter and I had a quick dinner at Panera, then got down to the bar, where we got everything open and going in reasonably good order.

And we even had a couple of customers by 8:30pm. I had Carol and snafflekid to start with, and worked with that.

It was, in the end, a pretty slow night. The rotation went as high as 9, what with trivialt, Honey, markobellydance, Josh (who I've been trying to place), and others I should really, really remember. Really. I probably even will, later.

Around 11:30pm, and rotation 6, the last of them left. Timmie and I figured we'd close down at 12:30am - except then supersniffles walked in, and we started back mit de singing. foxypinkninja came in to visit for a bit around, I think, 12:30pm, and a couple of guys came in, complained about the drink prices, and wandered back out.

At around 1:50am, I finished the 17th and last rotation for the three of us, and was pretty much closed up and ready to go by 2:15am.

It was not a particularly profitable night. Good company for what we had, though. We'll be able to make target for the weekend if an incredibly large number of heavy drinkers converge on the bar tonight. I'm somehow not expecting that.

Oh well.

Cindi headed home, and Timmie and I went off to IHOP, then back to the Duplex and sleep. I've had my usual few moments of lucidity here and there, and have even done feeble little bits of work towards the database update. Sometimes something manages to make it through my shield of procrastination.

I got my last disc from the latest order, and will be working a bit on that. I also supposedly got replacement hinges from Gator for my disintegrating case, except they're the completely wrong hinges - which matches the time they sent me the wrong foam inserts. I don't know if it's the company in general, or just the lady I always end up dealing with, but the level of incompetence is quite remarkable.

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