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Bruce [userpic]
In Other News

It turns out that a diet of Costco hot dogs and Punjabi mix can result in some remarkably long-lasting gastrointestinal pyrotechnics.

Who knew?

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: nauseatednauseated

ummm ew.

Just thought I'd over-share. :-D

Ummm yeah, who knew? EVERYBODY KNEW!

I'm thinking I may be avoiding the booth tonight.

Oh, all the exciting bit was over by the time I posted that.

At the very worst, I'll smell slightly of chili oil. Given my diet, that's likely rather normal.

Still. um eww

What can I say? I've always thought of LJ as a forum for sharing the pain...

As long as you don't do what I did on Sat. night. Ate a really greasy meatloaf (with no flavor) then ate a small container of Mint chip ice cream that (Stan) treated you to. Wait 20 minutes then umm yeah the same thing.....

Mmmm mmm mmmmm...