Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Some Stuff

Welp, I obviously finished assimilating yesterday's discs. Once all the various related housekeeping operations were over, I slept some, waking up around noonish.

At which point I spent a few hours staring slackjawed at my laptop. Not a pretty sight.

Around 3:00pm, raven2000 texted, in a bit of a panic because her monitor had just died in mid-essay. So I cleaned up, grabbed a spare monitor, and got there around 4:00pm. By 4:30pm I had her somewhat functional, and headed on up to the Dome for the weekly parental visit.

The usual, there. I helped with a couple of chores around the place, was fed an excellent dinner (Beef Bourguignonne this time), talked for a couple of hours, and then came back home.

Where I sit. I guess I'm sort of on strike against myself right now.

The issue: My update sheets are set up to show the last three months' worth of updates. All of my books are now over three months old, meaning that, starting with the latest update sheets, there are songs not listed in either.

This is Not A Particularly Good Thing™. The obvious response is, of course, to start printing new books. I have a spare toner cartridge, and I just bought a case of paper - I should be good.

But wait! I've been wanting to make a change to the database and books! I told myself to not print any new books until I'd finished the showtunes project, which I haven't worked on since mid-September.

The obvious response, of course, would be to either get cracking on the project, or give in and print new books.

But that would be sane. Instead, I'm finding new and better ways to procrastinate. Go me!


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