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Yesterday, I waited for FedEx until the package was unceremoniously dumped outside around 2:00pm. The only reason I knew it had arrived was some bumping sounds.

But whatever - I was able to go back to sleep, which I did until about 5:00pm, at which time I cleaned up and got out of the place.

And off to Fry's to look for something to do about my microphone problem. I was specifically looking for small bristle brushes, and eventually found them as part of a full contact cleaning kit. I also managed to finally find some short (3") coax cables I've been looking for (including at Fry's, oddly enough. Were they not there before? Did I just miss them? The world will never know. Or care). And, of course, various other little doodads.

Gotta have my doodads.

That actually took visits to two different Fry's, and until about 8:00pm, so I was debating whether to do something for dinner when lucydogstringer texted me to ask when I'd be at the bar.

After all, the package I'd been waiting for was a disc for him...

So I grabbed some Carl's and headed barwards. It was a reasonably busy night, though not the giant crowds that contest promoters like to portray. Still, much good singing, and a lot of fun. Both Steven and Rizza made it to the next level, which dismayed Rizza no end.

Yet another excellent singer with severe self-esteem issues. She'll fit right in.

Some of the contestants were known to me - like Jeff, who used to do the KoC show before I took over. Most were completely foreign, which is a good thing - we might be able to hang onto some of them.

Jorgie showed up and did several songs after the contest was over. Julz kind of accused me of dumping him on her. Almost made me wish I had.

Patrick begged me until I dug out my Wicked disc. Between him, Steven, and Rizza, at least half the tracks were performed.

I wasn't planning to sing, but got backed into it (saying "No" to a Cute Young Thing is not really within my capabilities). In the end I made them go past 2:00am, because I discovered they have a copy of Superchicken. Yet another song that I can apparently only get from Australia.

Then some sustenance and web browsing at IHOP, and home, where I coated a bunch of contacts with contact cleaner, and left it to sit overnight.

I woke up today around noon, and started back in on the contacts. They were resoaked, obsessively swabbed clean, then retreated with a conditioning agent of sorts.

I plugged the mic in, had it work fine, let it sit for a while, and... had it again not connect properly. This has been the behavior: It works fine when first plugged in, but after it's left to sit, it disconnects. Or something. Further tests have not had that happen, so maybe it was a last gasp of whatever gunk is involved. But I'll just have to see, won't I?

Right now I need to get myself together and out the door. My banner/poster for Julie's is ready, and I need to grab some small eyebolts, some cord, and drop by the place in Fremont to pick it up.

This place also doesn't provide color translation info on its website, so I'm quite expecting another "process blue" (purple) background. Hopefully it'll be readable...

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