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Bruce [userpic]

I woke back up yesterday around 3:00pm, and was still considering becoming fully functional around 4:30pm, when kshandra pinged me, asking about dinner. So I roused myself, and both timenchanter and I met her at Marie Callender's for high-fat treats.

Then we all headed over to the bar. Timmie and I pulled in at 20 seconds to 7:00pm, to find Wayne waiting for us. He'd found an antique video projector somewhere, and wondered if it could be useful for the bar.

I found a corner of the booth to shove it in. I suppose I could check if the lamp's any good, but seriously - the thing is the size of a small suitcase, and weighs about 30lbs. Given our ceiling, if I tried to mount it, it would probably just bring the ceiling down with it.

Setup went fairly normally, and what with Kirsten, and then trivialt, I had enough singers to start right on time.

It was an odd night. Far from bad, but definitely odd. We had a large birthday party that showed up for maybe two hours, sang a few songs, bought quite a few drinks, and then just sorta trooped out the door without saying anything. I didn't recognize any of them, though it seemed a couple were familiar to Kirsten and supersniffles.

But at least I now know the second verse to This is your birthday song.

Then there was lucydogstringer, who came in upset because he couldn't print out his resume. His laptop is Vista (either recently purchased, or recently upgraded), and won't recognize his printer. After I offered to work on it for him, he went home and grabbed the pieces. Timmie ended up actually trying to get it to work (I was shutting down at the time), without much success.

Of course, I now have copies printed on the laserprinter at home, so I may get those to him later today.

bluize and moonshae came in, and mostly played pool until later in the evening, when both of them sang - that was a bit of a shock. But fun.

moahb brought the 'rents back in. hogarthhughes actually sang a couple of songs.

And, of course, a few others. The rotation varied almost randomly between 4 and 16 people. Mostly on the 4 side, because I ended up doing 16 of them.

Shutdown was kinda slow because of the Steven issue, then around 3:00am, Timmie and I graced April with our presence again, then came home to sleep.

I've done a little of that - I think from about 5:00am to 9:00am. I'd love to do more, but I'm waiting for a FedEx shipment. Oddly enough, I was at the door, checking yesterday's mail, when the UPS shipment came in - it's an active mail day.

I got a call from tankgirl, who was in need of painkillers, so I walked over to the neighbor with a cup of ibuprofen, and hung out over there for a while.

And that's about it, so far. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my day, considering I'm not really in a position to concentrate. I suppose I should start in again on the mic - my handheld started failing again last night, which is pretty bad, considering it's a completely new microphone. I even changed out mic cords, and it kept cutting out. So I need to flood everything with contact cleaner again. Woo.

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The birthday party crowd were a sizable portion of the current FLARE roster. It's probably the first time you've seen them without their SEP-field generators activated.

That would explain why some of them looked sorta-familiar.

Maybe if they had headphones on...