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Bruce [userpic]
Ah, the Joys of Color-Matching!

I just received my shipment of flyers for the Julie's show, which I ordered through GotPrint. I would have used OvernightPrints, but these were half the price.

The disadvantage (for me, at least) is that they took the data in RGB, and printed from there. In fact, to all appearances, they did the cheapest, dirtiest RGB to CMYK translation available.

As a result, my light blue background is a medium purple. Granted, I like purple (obviously), but it makes the text a lot harder to read.

Live and learn. It's not like I'm not going to pass them out.

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Seriously, your obsessively high standards are slipping.

I know. I'm concerned.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Re: **cough**

You really should have that cough looked at, dear.

And unfortunately, your hourly rate is likely be higher than the whole print run ($47). I'm just paying for shaving a small amount of money off the cost by using their "online" system, which takes PNGs, and just assuming (silly me) that they used something approaching an ICC profile for color translation.

The base color I used was an RGB (0.56,0.55,0.86), a very light blue. According to my color swatches, what I got roughly matches a CMYK (0.50, 0.50, 0, 0.20), which is... odd. But then the process in my swatch book is likely a little different than theirs.

Did I mention that I worked on printer firmware for 18 years?

But I'll definitely keep you in mind for any future design projects, especially if the price/complexity is larger.