Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I finally finished working on the rack, the only downside being that I lost a small lockwasher somewhere inside - just the right size to screw up a piece of electronic equipment, too.

It'll hopefully work itself down to the bottom of the case, but if the whole thing goes up in smoke it won't be all that amazing...

Anyway, I had finished that, and was looking up and downloading videos at 4:40pm, when timenchanter knocked on the door of my room, and asked if we were still doing the 5:00pm thing.


He headed off to open the bar. Amazingly, I was clean and at the bar by 5:30pm, and ready by 6:30pm. I might even have been ready earlier, if, y'know, anyone had been there.

So yeah, we're giving up on the 5:00pm idea. I'll update the bar website shortly, and probably put out an announcement that isn't buried in one of these posts.

That said, people actually started showing up at 8:00pm, and I started the show around 8:40pm. It was even a relatively busy Sunday - I only did 7 rotations before ending at 1:50am.

We had a new woman, Monica, who mostly stayed in a booth behind her laptop, but sounded wonderful whenever she came out. Dan sang for most of the night.

Caitlin came back out, this time with her ex-boyfriend Josh - possibly soon to be ex-ex-boyfriend. They sang several love songs, and left before she got around to singing Faith. Make of that what you will.

moahb spent several hours, and brought Larry and Susan. 'Twas cool.

There was some snafflekid, some markobellydance, a lot of Lindsy, a fair amount of supersniffles, much lucydogstringer and his former co-worker Rizza (a girl I've been too nice to about Mardi Gras beads), and a couple of hours of tlsthatsme with Robin and Robin's something-or-other Adam.

That should cover most of it. There was a lot of fun, the bar did reasonably well, so I did reasonably well, and all was good with the world.

Timmie and I visited April afterwards, and then came home to do the traditional "collapsing in a heap." In fact, I'm just about to do some more of that.

Oh - minor bits. I tried the little light thing I got at D&Bs. It does have a sound-activated mode that's kind of cute. Unfortunately, once the sound goes away, the thing goes dark and never comes back on.

Damned Chinese political prisoner software.

But I've got it running on its epilepsy setting, which is kind of attractive, in an intensely tacky way.

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