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I got at least 5 hours of sleep Sunday morning. I think. All I remember for sure at this point is that the alarm at 10:00pm was almost not persistent enough.

But I eventually crawled out, climbed into the shower, and stood there soaking up all the hot water.

timenchanter can attest to that - he had the misfortune of getting up later than I did.

The plan had been to get to the church for Jack and Johnathon's wedding by noon. Given me, 12:30pm wasn't too bad. Given that most of the delay was the last minute decision to put a "we'll be open later" sign on the bar door, not too bad at all.

More importantly, even with some of the usual last-minute problems (I couldn't get power out of the only outlet I had available - until it just mysteriously decided to work) - I was set up, in my suit, and sitting next to sugarbare at the back of the chapel before the ceremony began.

It was a beautiful, moving, and at several points intentionally hilarious ceremony. After all, the first reading was from Plato, and the second from Homer - Homer Simpson. Best yet, the second reading was appropriate.

And the inclusion of a beautifully done a capella This Is The Song That Goes Like This was wonderful.

Around 3:00pm, the karaoke at the reception started. It mostly went well, though I certainly screwed up a few things. Johnathon wanted to sing a particular song to Jack, which he'd mentioned several times in an email. Unfortunately, the title of the song was given a couple of months ago, and I'd forgotten it - which meant I had to ask him at the last minute. Oops.

I didn't want to mess up the careful table decorations, and so didn't pass books out. Probably not the best decision. Piling the books where they were hard to get to - very bad decision.

I'd be more worried about not giving the videographer the heads-up on a few events, if I'd been told more than 2 minutes in advance that they were happening. I'm also curious what his sound will be like. He decided to attach his sound feed to my board, which honestly wasn't a bad idea. The downside might be that he was feeding off one channel, and I use stereo sound. It could come out just a tad odd. Hopefully just a tad...

Still, a very fun time. I ran from 3:00pm to 6:30pm, for exactly 3 rotations. What with the whole professional-level choir thing, most of the singers were wonderful. Enough so that cekyr0 was sweating bullets (he did great. Surprising, no?).

I really hope to see more of Noelle. She has a wonderfully eclectic approach to music - it was disappointing not to be able to run long enough to get to Feed The Tree. mrmouse sang one duet and one solo, with his usual style.

Juanita came to the bar afterward, had a great deal of fun, and said she'll be back. Great voice, and a wonderful stage presence.

Suzanne, also a wonderful singer, and a really cute blonde. Given her dress, I quite enjoyed being behind her while she sang...

And a number more. I even got jeffercine to sing Lonely Goatherd, and the room sang along.

At 6:30pm it was past time to close down. I'm still quite surprised, given that I started to close down then, changed my clothes back, loaded the car (with help, though I'm still worried about the report of the dropped speaker. And people keep wondering why I turn down help. Well, we'll see if it works on Wednesday), drove the half-hour to the bar, and then did most of the same in reverse, that I was able to start by 8:20pm.

I had singers, too. It was a mellow night, but far from a bad one (the bar did OK). There was the aforementioned Juanita, but also jasonmagick, markobellydance, snafflekid, kizmet100, trivialt, Nate-o, and, as I always say, "more". I had 20 singers through the length of the night.

Including the Jorgie and Trankie show, which seems like it may become a regular thing...

Veronica, one-half of a cute little lesbian couple, got the courage to sing later in the evening, and ended up doing rather well. If I'd been more awake, I would have been more proactive about preventing her from trying the dance version of You Oughta Know...

I closed down at 1:30am, at the end of the 10th rotation. Actually, I closed down by having Timmie sing Closing Time. I put stuff away and ran videos until he did the accounting. Around 2:15am, I reminded him that he needed to do the accounting.

More than a little out of it, was our Timmie. But it had been a long day for both of us. I drove him and foxypinkninja to Denny's afterward at 2:30am, so my workday had started at 11:30am, and ended at 2:30am. Without breaks.

I finally got to bed around 5:00am, and slept until noon. Then again from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. I'm feeling much better now.

Which is good, cause it's time to head back to work.

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