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It's been an interesting day. Sorta. I got some sleep yesterday, but also got up early enough to get out the door and go shopping - but not before I got the latest shipment from Australia. I did some of the scanning for that during the show last night, but I'll be finishing the assimilation this afternoon.

I managed to find a couple of pieces for my costume at home, including an actual pair of blue jeans and my old work boots, and then once on the road, was fairly quickly able to grab the other bits. Candy and a flannel shirt at Target, a baseball cap that says "Joe" at Lids, and a work belt at OSH. The only bit I regret is the baseball cap - it was the most expensive piece, and it's not likely that I'll want to be labeling myself as "Joe" in the future...

And during all of this I was walking funny. Ever since SF Pride, I've gotten minimal amounts of love from my right knee. Yesterday was rather less than that. The boots probably didn't help.

Since I was done relatively early, I got in contact with kshandra, and we had dinner at the Chili's in Mountain View. We ended up being joined by her latest sweetie, which was an interesting experience. He's one of those people that doesn't stop. Ever. But fortunately is intelligent enough to keep up with himself.

I've sort of been offered a job. Well, at least, I've been heavily encouraged to apply for a job. Which has me feeling sort of ambivalent. It would be interesting work, and have me going back into firmware instead of the rather irritating medical shtuff.

But I rather doubt I could do that and keep doing the karaoke, which is a bit of a focus.

Actually having an income would be nice, though...

To think about.

I limped from there to the bar, where I limped through setup. There was definitely a trend for the night.

As soon as setup was finished, I got into costume. It had at least one level of success - timenchanter apparently finds me in a baseball cap somewhat terrifying. Or horrifying, I'm not sure which.

I was ready to go just a little after start, and had people lined up (the chaoswolf/David T crowd, mostly), when I discovered at the last minute that I couldn't, because the power supplies to both my mics had fallen out inside the rack. I threw a video on, and tried to quickly unscrew the mixer, with the immediate result of dropping my screwdriver behind the sound equipment.

Good thing I carry several multi-tools.

But for whatever reason, that just seemed to be the theme of the night. Not that all of it was clumsiness on my part. Last Sunday, I think it was, part of the base of the yellow mic came off, exposing the electronics. I jammed it back on, but wasn't able to get it all the way back. The same thing happened last night, and I managed to get it to "click" into place. I also managed to again crack the case, in the exact same way that had me ordering a replacement case earlier this year.

I suppose I should be glad for the mixup that got me a duplicate.

But whatever. It was a fun evening, if not incredibly profitable for the bar. But I'm paid a fixed amount on Thursdays, so who cares?

We had a cute little breeder group, with the girls in the traditional revealing costumes (Martha, Marissa, and Andrea. trivialt would want to remember Trevor, instead). I was not about to complain. My usual leaning spot over the slip/envelope table continued to have its advantages. They were all nice people, and stuck it out with us until a little after midnight.

There was some more Jorgie, but no Trankie. A few hours of the aforementioned Invisible Stan (cheapest costume evar), some jasonmagick, supersniffles in her pink dress, pink hockey mask, tiara, pink chainsaw, and gun (the latter for The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun), Dean, who's been in once or twice before, far too much Darko, snafflekid, and, of course, more.

I had 20 singers over the length of the evening. Just not all at once.

And definitely not from 1:00am on, when the rotation was Timmie, myself, and Cindi. I believe the total number of rotations was 10 for the night.

Then I limped through shutdown, and loaded everything back into the car for the wedding Sunday.

Oh yeah, I'll be starting a little later on Sunday, by the way.

Timmie and I then stopped of at Chez April for some non-candy, and then home, where I limped through unloading. Then, eventually, sleep.

The knee seems to be better today, thankfully. It's interesting, though. The damn thing doesn't like to extend. Bending back is relatively fine, but extending's a pain in the ass.

Anyway. I need to check the mail, and then get a bit more sleep.

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