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It's been a while, and I'm not sure I can remember everything.

Monday night's show was pretty good. Not incredibly busy, but then, it was Monday. And we made enough that the weekend was 20% over target, which was really nice.

And right now, I honestly don't remember most of who was there, which is sad. supersniffles and trivialt, definitely, and a bit of Terri. Quite a bit more of Jorgie and Trankie, that latter in his Wayne incarnation.

The night started nearly on time, and I ran for, I believe, 16 rotations before closing around 1:50am.

Then timenchanter and I hit IHOP, followed by home to collapse.

Tuesday the two of us were up and out the door around 2:30pm, hit up Costco for new tires for Timmie's car and some supplies, then dropped by Fry's for a cable that I completely failed to install tonight, and then Home Depot for the grease we forgot last week.

And then up to the Dome, where we painted the new fascia, and greased the unhappy garage door opener. Surprisingly enough, lubrication appears to be all it needed.

My mom made a very nice curry, we all talked, and then Timmie and I came back home.

What we did not do was a task for Stan that I took on Monday, because (1) I'd put the item (carefully wrapped) in my briefcase, since I take that everywhere, and (2) I decided Tuesday that I really should learn to go places without dragging the laptop with me all the time, and left the briefcase at home.

Oy. I'll be back up there Saturday, though.

Once back home, I fiddled around, as usual, but largely worked on the flyers and poster/banner for Julie's.

The flyer:

And the poster, which hangs outside the club, and so doesn't need their logo/address info:

Schwei, or however you spell her name, has already signed off on them, but I'd appreciate any constructive criticism - though I'll hopefully be ordering them tomorrow or Friday.

It's amazing how long that sort of thing takes. At least how long it takes me.

I slept some, then did a bit more work - including on the map I want to put on the back of the flyer.

I headed up to the City a little late yesterday afternoon, then lingered a tad too long over dinner, with the result that I wasn't ready to go until 8:50pm. Which could have been really bad if there'd been any singers at that point.

However, it turned into a much better night than last week - not that that's hard, mind you. I made almost 4 times as much money as last week, not including tips - and tips were enough for another disc, which means I can make enough of an order to get free shipping at my present favorite vendor.

Lessee. We had Shawn, a carpet layer, who eventually got himself blasted. It took a little finagling to get the mic away from him. Then Brian, occupation unknown, who also got pretty drunk. And Michelle, an adorable little one of, I believe, Chinese descent. While a quiet singer, she was also pretty good. Not to mention having actually been named after the Beatles song.

She had her two friends Sven and Steve, who'd come up and sing with her.

Then Mac, part of a group of friends that I think are mostly related to the owner.

And lastly, there were Kate and J.R., who arrived around 11:30pm, obviously with intent to sing. Which they definitely did.

From around 9:10pm to 1:00am, I did 16 rotations. I would have done more, too, but they closed the bar.

I managed to survive loading the car, despite getting help. Nobody ever brings anything out in a practical order. I don't expect them to, but there are reasons I avoid help. Ah well. It's all there, anyway.

And since Schwei looked dead tired, I arranged to show up there around 5:00pm next Wednesday to run the video cable.

And came down here to April's Denny's. And from here, I'll be going home and sleeping. Tomorrow will be mostly devoted to costuming before the show.

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