Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Filling In

Before the Bootie adventure, I did make it to celticnoor's party. In fact, I was there for at least a couple of hours, during which I stuffed my face, and hung out with some wonderful people.

Though mostly tazja714. It had just been a looong time since I'd seen her.

Oddly, k_magic asked me if I was sick - and it does seem as if something's going on with my vocal chords. Certain frequencies just don't come out right.

I keep wondering if it's nodules...

I was in the middle of a political discussion with moahb when I got the messages from kshandra. The subject, being taboo to certain readers, will no be mentioned.

I also got an email from Esperanza, saying that the raffle for the same subject on Friday was quite successful.

I managed to get up to the City in record time, which was good, given they had a huge line, and a single cashier that was taking his zombie costume way too seriously.

Then there was the hanging out with Kirsten and such, as well as buying absinthe from Jared, and eventually saying hello to Jules. That last was a little shocked to see me, but at least now I have an idea of where I've seen him before.

Meanwhile, I got to watch the video mash-ups of DJ Clown (pronounced Cloon. The man's French, and gives me hope for my career: He makes me look positively infantile). Well, I got to watch most of them.

It was not a good technical night at the DNA Lounge. It appeared that a lot of the connections to his rig just kept coming loose. On top of that, while the video signal up at the booth looked pretty clean, the signal to the projectors kept losing sync. Fortunately, most of the crowd probably thought it was intentional.

Except when the signal was lost entirely.

Cute videos though. Makes me want to re-watch The Prisoner, among other things.

I had a "Hi from Jefferson" to pass on to Adrian, but he was kind of, well, busy. Imagine...

Around 1:30am, I felt sober enough to drive - and like I'd be too tired before too long - and headed back south, eventually ending up here, because of a salmon craving.

So I'm of course having the Asian Chicken Salad. With crunchy wonton bits.

I'm hoping to be able to fit in the necessary disc acquisition process before the show tomorrow - DJ Whirl's planning to be there at 5:00pm, so I'm gonna need to be set up on time.

But sleep seems like a good thing. And I really need to work on the flier and poster designs for Julie's. If I'd had them done tonight, I would have been able to drop by and show them to the owners...

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