Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fail, Sorta

I never got a costume put together yesterday.

Instead, I tried to get music (legally) together and practice on the mixing setup I've put together, for the dance segment at the end of Club Spice.

Which never happened.

Which is probably a good thing, because I discovered later that Napster's (Yeah, I know. Their prices are decent) download doesn't work too well, so I have a bunch of partial songs - and they don't allow redownloading. I have a complaint with a list of partial songs in to them (all 27). It'll be interesting to see how - and if - they react.

When I got to the bar, Paula was asking Esperanza if they could close by 11:30pm, so Jose could play. From the sound of it, he'd claimed that skipping a week would lose momentum. Which is true - one can lose a huge fraction of one's business with just one skipped day, and they have a big party planned next week.

I blurted out something about how much I'd just paid for music, with the result that she reimbursed me. So that worked out.

As always happens when there's a defined end time, the start time got incredibly delayed by a couple of mixups, including the fact that Esperanza's raffle-selling volunteer wimped out at the last minute, and she was trying to pick up the slack.

If I'd remembered they were doing a No on 8 raffle, I would have contacted moahb...

But we made it through all the dance numbers (except for Nansee, who never showed up), and all the raffle items were distributed (Including the private lesson from Michelle that was won by her boyfriend. I suspect that lesson will be particularly interesting).

We had some great numbers, and also some kind of random ones. I'd say the total performer quality was a little lower than last time - though the fact that almost all the dancers had Halloween costumes was a big plus, and Michelle's doll routine was outstanding.

But we ran out of time before the dance lesson, which was a shame.

The next DJ showed up a little before 11:00pm, and set up in a corner - I should have asked his name. Nice guy. I cleared space for him, and did my best to make his setup smooth. He was followed by another guy who was more of an asshole (What's all this shit in the booth? No, don't play that! Play Banda!). It has since appeared that my impression might be shared by others.

The transition went reasonably well, with a wonderful view - which I should have photographed - of a lot of the belly dancers joining in with the Hispanic crowd. It was cute.

Surprisingly, I had little trouble trundling all of my stuff out, and even managed to help with some of Esperanza's, as well. Then we talked. She may be moving to a different venue, and seemed rather pleased when I volunteered to come along. Actually, "ecstatic" might have been an appropriate term...

And then I wandered over to cybrenn's party, and hung out with him, timenchanter, cekyr0, jeffercine, snafflekid, foxypinkninja, and kizmet100. Around 2:00am or so, Elly, Maggie, and I decided to go get some food, and braved the Friday night Denny's crowd. Some interesting costumes, some of which were actually for Halloween.

A fun time. Then home, where I worked on my complaint to Napster, a bug report for Mixxx, and scanning in the 5 new discs that arrived Friday - until about 9:30am, when I fell asleep.

And now I'm already 45 minutes late for celticnoor's party, and not even in the shower yet.

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