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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Interesting Times

Most of my day Thursday was spent asleep, as I remember. Well, technically, as I don't remember.

tankgirl came over at one point to borrow some Ren stuff for Josh, so he'd have some costuming.

I ordered, then went and picked up some video stuff at HomeTech Solutions, which is a fun little shop for the technophile.

Then, speaking of technophilia, I had a nice dinner with kshandra at uWink.com. Cute place, with pretty decent food. And the added benefit that you can't see your dining partner, because there's a frikkin' touchscreen between the two of you.

Your perception of "benefit" may vary.

Then off to the bar. The night was... odd. The place did well financially (though my tips kinda sucked), and we had 24 different singers. Just not all at once.

I had enough singers to start right on time, and ran 7 rotations until just before 2:00am. People kept coming in, singing a couple of songs, then taking off again.

The group with the most longevity was the Stripes celebration of celticnoor's birthday. They started just after midnight (for the obvious reasons), and did the Wade-standard number of rounds of shots.

After shutdown, timenchanter ferried Kristi and Wade to Denny's, where I met up with them. That was entertaining. Wade's kind of an 8-year-old when he's sober.

Then home, where I tinkered with the video bits I'd bought earlier, then went to bed.

Now I'm up, and have way too much to do - mostly of my own creation. I still need a costume for cybrenn's party tonight, which would be enough on its own. But I also want to do some stuff for tonight's Club Spice bit. We'll see how it all works out.

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