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Bruce [userpic]
Setting the Record, Um, Straight?

One bit of rhetoric that's floating around lately is that Proposition 8 would anull existing same-sex marriages - "over 10,000 of them."

That's apparently not too likely, much as the supporters of the proposition might want it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a wrongful, hurtful, and hateful little piece of garbage, that specifically singles out a group because they're not approved of by a popular set of religious sects. The propaganda on the supporting side has overwhelmingly been out-of-control fearmongering, mostly on the order of "OMG, ur chilluns might think that teh gay is not ebil!"

Never trust anyone who says "Think of the children." They for some reason never consider the world those children will have to deal with as adults.

But anyway, now that I've re-established my liberal cred, a couple of links. First of all, check out this little part (right after the text of the amendment) of the painfully balanced Wikipedia entry on the subject. The actual reference doesn't appear to be online.

And second of all, there's Jerry Brown's take.

What this means is that if you're married by early November, you're fine. It's only the people that want to get married later that'll be second-class citizens.

Now isn't that dandy?

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Good to know. I haven't been doing my due diligence because, well, I'm not voting on this issue. It is important me of course and I am trying to make people aware.

We can't spend all our time fact-checking everything. If it had only been your post, I wouldn't likely have said anything.

Maybe commented, but likely not even that.

But I've gotten at least one email, and seen two posts on the subject today alone. It's gotten to the status of urban legend.

And I thought I'd pull a Snopes.

And as I said, either way, it's an important issue, that has ramifications elsewhere. As more states legalize gay marriage - and don't self-combust - the remaining ones will have to recognize that it ain't that big a deal.

Conversely, the more that have nastiness like this written into their constitutions, the longer it will take to progress.