Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Oh Well

That was a bit... something.

The place has a lot of potential, and supposedly used to be quite busy two weeks ago, before the present KJ apparently had something break. Tonight it was so slow that (1) we closed down at 11:30pm, and (2) my portion of the take was a princely $7.

I have a lot of advertising to do. And I do love it so.

The owners - and the bartender - are really nice people, though. And awfully apologetic about the situation, as if it were their fault.

And I was recognized by one of the regulars, which was cool.

So it's a matter of trying harder.

At least timenchanter showed up, after his date.

One little bit of interesting trivia: The building used to be the headquarters of the SLA, back in the day. I was shown the cage they kept Patty Hearst in.

Meanwhile, time to head back southwards with my tail between my legs.

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