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October 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

The whole "new show tonight" bit has me kinda nervous - fortunately the kind of nervous that made me sleep over-soundly, as opposed to the kind that keeps me up all night. So I'm rested, which is good.

I've sent emails and text messages to the people in my address book not on LJ that might be interested. I even managed to reconnect with someone who won't make it to the City, but might come in to KoC.

So I've done the minimum I need to do, and now have an afternoon to consider, with many tasks I really should look at. Including that pesky "deal with the Sales Tax return" that I've been putting off for two months. There's a follow-on letter from them that came day before yesterday - it's burning a hole in my bedspread.

There's at least one event I'm neglecting on the bar website, and somewhat related, finding myself something approaching a costume (for cheap).

There's also voting, getting myself a frikkin' MySpace and FaceBook presence (I said I needed to do that how many months ago?), and, since I seem to be building up a series of odd jobs, adding an "Events" page to my website.

So, of course, what I am doing is studying RSS, because that's what you do for an events page, right? Right?

Agh. Think I'll try to drag myself into the shower, load the car, and maybe do something about food. Food is good. Food is my friend.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: nervousnervous

Wish I could be there tonight, hon. *hugs*

I wish you could too, dear.

But sometimes, just sometimes, one needs to move out of the comfort zone. I try to keep down to once a decade...