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I have a near full weekend to catch up with.

timenchanter and I got to the bar by about 4:30pm on Sunday. We set up while dodging around Paula, Julz, and some other guy, who had apparently all thought that late Sunday afternoon was a good time to clean the bar.

Of course, it was pretty much a mess after Saturday.

After I was set up, I spent my time rescanning discs that I'd written down as having problems. That kept me somewhat occupied until 7:30pm or so, when Carol showed up, and alternated talking with the both of us.

At something like 9:30pm, we actually got a customer (I believe the first one was supersniffles), and then other people started coming in. I could go out to the car, get the sheet, and verify who they were, but that would take effort.

There were about 10 singers for the rest of the night, and 10 total rotations, so at least it picked up a bit. In fact, thanks to the tireless efforts of blankreloaded, the night did quite well indeed.

It was rue_gingertabby's birthday, which she decided to end at the bar. She seemed to have a good time. And we had a few hours of trivialt, who wasn't precisely having a good time. I think we managed to help distract things for a bit, at least.

A group of young'uns came in (I think Chinese), and seemed to enjoy themselves. They certainly sang quite a few songs, with varying levels of quality.

Afterward, I ferried Beckah home, then tried to get dinner at the Mini. Except they're closed until the 4th. So I took the sleeping Timmie to Carrow's, where he woke up enough to eat a bit, then passed out again as I drove home.

Then sleep.

Monday would have been spent almost exclusively in sleep, if it weren't for a call from tankgirl, who wanted to hang out. So I got clean and out into the world at the unheard-of hour of 3:30pm. We had some late dinner/early lunch at Acqui, drove around semi-aimlessly for a bit, then hung out at her place until I had to head out to the show. Much fun to spend time with, that one is.

I got to the bar a little late, but Timmie had already done much of the setup. Which is good, because in complete contrast to Sunday, I started the Monday show at 8:05pm. Again, 10 rotations, but with more like 19 different singers this time. Definitely a more festive feel.

Quite a few regulars, of course, including Cindi, maiandra, and some more trivialt (and a second day of jasonmagick, as well). But also some (Big Bad) John, several hours of Kimmi and Cindi's friend Megs, and these two new girls, Jennifer and Caitlin. Much fun, those two. Not to mention fairly easy on the eyes.

Good singers, both of them, enthusiastic about just about everything, and just a good time. They seemed pretty straight as the evening started, but got increasingly lesbionic as the alcohol progressed.

We also had another run of Casey, who again did his best to ensure that the bar did reasonably well. In fact, the bar made 20% better than target for the weekend.

Shutdown was again fairly rapid, even if I did have to grab everything for this Wednesday (as I'm going to have to do every Monday now).

Then Timmie and I joined Cindi, Kimmi, Megs, and lucydogstringer for a pleasant supper at IHOP.

And again home, and sleep.

Tuesday was semi-successful, and semi-fucked-up. Timmie and I were supposed to go up to my parents early and help with the stuff we worked on last week. We did, but late - and also forgot to grab some needed grease on the way.

We were late because I didn't get around to trying to contact people about the show tomorrow until around 2:00pm - which also involved updating my website, and searching through my address list for likely matches, and just, well, a lot of time.

I think it was 6:00pm before we made it up there. And I still haven't texted everyone I should about the subject, since I figure I should do that during normal awake hours.

We figured out a few things about the garage door opener, but didn't fix it, and also cut and nailed up the fascia, but didn't paint it. So, at least some progress.

Then the usual nice dinner, and back down to the house. And now, ze sleep.

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