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Moon Phase

April 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Yes, Boys & Girls, It's That Time Again

Today's new addition to the collection is SC-8909. Not the most exciting disc ever, but it's got 8 new songs (mostly hip-hop).

With that, and a minor database fix, the track count is now at 13,526, and the unique song count is at 10,198.

As always, the songs page is updated, and I'll have new update sheets on Sunday.

I'm obviously slacking. The present update sheet is only 9 pages long - and not even a full 9 pages!

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Oh, my! You snuck in that Ugly Kid Joe song I wanted and didn't even tell me! I owe you a big tip...

For some reason, I have a hard time not being at least somewhat sneaky...

oh i like this disk

I did have most of the songs before. Personally, I'm glad to have the Goo Goo Dolls version of Give a Little Bit, but the compelling reason for the disc was to get La La, which was requested some time ago.

I don't remember who did, so of course it's probably someone who doesn't come in anymore, but whatever.

This, BTW, is the third disc I tried to order that had La La on it. In each case, it took them a week to tell me that the previous disc was out of print - and then they shipped me SC-9009 by accident.

The world just didn't want me to have my Ashlee, proving that the world has some taste...