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Bruce [userpic]

I got the gig - not that it was too difficult, and not that the venue will bring in too much money to start with.

Actually, it might pay less than gas...

But if I can build it up a bit, I'm going to ask for a larger proportion of sales. In the meantime, I'm going to be at Julie's Supper Club 2 on Folsom near 7th in the City from 8:00pm to close on Wednesdays.

The location has some real possibilities - initially, I'll be working in the front area, but if I can build it up some more, there's a fairly nice dance area in the back I can take over. Heck, they have a large outdoor patio. It's one of those tiny places that gets bigger and bigger as you get further inside.

Plus they serve food until midnight.

So if you get a text or email about the subject later this week, my apologies, but I need to get the word out.

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congratulations!!! Although you will be missed at dinner and's ....


I'm gonna miss dinner& on my side, too - but I gotta do something to pay the bills.

And even if this doesn't pan out, it may give me connections to other gigs.

Looks like a totally cute little place. I look forward to checking it out with you on non-Dinner& days. I'm actually meeting Stephen for dinner this coming Wednesday. Maybe we'll head there...