Bruce (kor27) wrote,


timenchanter and I made it to the bar by 5:45pm - to find people waiting for us. With food!

Specifically, moahb, hogarthhughes, and k_turns_blue.

I got, well, reasonable reception fairly quickly (more importantly, before the debate started), and they were off!

This was definitely the most entertaining of the debates. The moderator (Bob Schieffer) was awesome, many of the questions were actually difficult, and there was a fair amount of actual drama. I'd suggest watching it, if you haven't.

Roughly, McCain came out fighting, throwing the usual set of vitriol at Obama, and Obama not only coolly deflected the attacks, but kept on swinging things back to the issues. As a result, McCain started out looking fairly good, since he was on the offensive, but just gradually ran out of steam.

Of course, I am biased, but then, most of the polls I've seen give Obama as the winner.

The best part was McCain talking about how much Obama's personal attack ads hurt him - but when he had to list any, could only think of ones that attacked his policies.

I also think that "Joe the plumber" is going to be a popular costume this Halloween.

Anyway, a fun time was had by all. Then, just to fill the time in before Julz and Dana showed up, we watched the following Nova on the Hindenburg, which was pretty interesting.

Then home, and mostly yet more blogging/commenting on Prop 8. It's amazing what people will claim to justify their own bigotry. And they happily pass around these little fake anecdotes without ever checking them - because they don't want to check them. I'd recommend reading this and this on the subject.

The author, by the way, is an evangelical Christian, and a deep thinker. It's been very refreshing running into another of that ilk - they seem to be few and far between, these days.

Anyway, that's about it. I've done a little fiddling with the equipment today, and should be talking to someone tomorrow about a possible regular Wednesday gig in the City, which might be interesting. It'll effectively prevent me going to dinner_and, which is sad, but I really need to make more money than I have been.

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