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Bruce [userpic]

He's dead, Jim

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Pretty much as the author concludes, there is perception of permanence in part because the human brain is such a good meme replicator. It's a bit daunting to consider just how much human cognition resembles the hypervisor of an ensemble of virtual machines all running on one instance of physical hardware. (One big difference being that we can't just halt one of those virtual machines and transfer its state over to other physical hardware -- can't, that is, unless certain kinds of stories generally regarded as fiction are more true than we know.)

I think we are all running partial copies of every person in our lives who has been influential, and those persist in us even after the original is gone. The trick for us is to keep the hypervisor from being pwned by one of the virtual instances. That way we can choose those aspects of those models of others which are useful and act on them. At the same time, while recognizing the validity of the existence of the dysfunctional aspects of those others who we model inside ourselves, we have to be denying those parts access to the I/O ports and limiting their consumption of other computational resources.

Somewhere I was reading about someone whose theory on sentience is that it occurs the moment we need to build an internal model of ourselves...