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'Round about 3:00pm yesterday, timenchanter and I climbed into the Escort, and took the winding path up to the Dome. This time we actually did something - the gutter over the carport blew off last winter, and they want to replace it, so we were to get rid of the last attachment bits, and scrape the paint on the fascia.

After some of the scraping took off large pieces of board, we kinda determined that a lot of the fascia was rotten, and proceeded to take it down.

This was a little tricky, since we needed to not disturb the flashing that overlapped it at the top, and also minimize the number of floodlights broken in the process (As it turns out, the minimum number is 1).

It actually took a couple of hours, and a fair amount of ingenuity. Next Tuesday we'll likely be putting up the replacement wood.

And, of course, a nice dinner, and some good conversation. It was good to learn that they're both voting No on Prop. 8 - they're a little leery of the whole gay thing (they are in their 80s), but they also think, and have a background in civil rights.

This is far from the first time something ridiculous like this has come up.

We got back around 10:30pm, and did the usual surf in our own rooms bit.

What I've mostly done, honestly, is spend my time arguing gay marriage issues with people that really don't wanna hear it, and attempt to help vanillachick78 with a router issue - without a huge level of success.

Around noon, Timmie suggested we walk out to lunch, so we walked a mile down to the nearest Togo's for the weekly diabetes fight special (Thanks for pointing that out, candiddani!), then back. It's a beautiful day for a walk.

Right now, I need to start the whole motivation thing - need to find a good apple pie, and get to the bar in time for the debate!

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