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Bruce [userpic]

Some days, it just seems hopeless.

I think it's only the second time I've had to trim a comment because of the 4300 character limit.

Can I just climb in bed, pull the covers up, and hope the stupid will go away?

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Mood: sadsad

I wish it worked like that, hon. Hopefully we'll be able to persuade enough people that this is truly important and we can actually turn this down.

Ardyn and I are doing some phone backing already, since we can't possibly afford to donate money.

Thanks for being a supporter (against Prop 8.), dear, it really helps.

I have trouble seeing any way an honest, thinking, caring person could support the bill. It's actually somewhat gratifying that the only way the proponents have been able to make inroads with the populace is by lying through their teeth about the consequences.

This is especially sad for me because I'm actually quite fond of ladyelsena, and I know her to be an honest and caring person. Which I'm afraid just indicates that there's a more of a deficiency in the third category than I'd thought...

I was almost tempted to make my own comments to her posts, but it wouldn't do any good. She's already been given the truth of the situation, which she claims to want. It's a shame that she can't see it.

I know. I was hoping - given that I know her - that she'd at least respond to my comment on her second post. Instead, she comes up with the fourth one, which is the exact same stuff, regurgitated.

I didn't even have the energy to deal with the third one - though I'm still trying to figure out what the "additional rights for gays" are that have come about as the result of the prop 22 decision.

Yeah, I'd sure like to know. Haven't been using them, if I've got them.


I was hoping, as a friend, that I might get a coupon or something...

I've always wanted one of those "get out of redneck beating free" cards.