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Bruce [userpic]
Now That's Dead!

I got cekyr0 and jeffercine home, safe&sound, and made it to the bar kinda late - almost 8:00pm.

This would've been a problem if there'd been any, y'know, people there. The inhabitants consisted of myself and timenchanter until 9:30pm, when Patrick walked in. I started up, and 3 rotations later he was gone.

But at that point we had a trivialt, followed shortly by a Honey and a jasonmagick. All of whom stayed for around 3 rotations.

Plus we had tychobrahe playing pool.

I don't exactly remember when, but just about the time Honey - the last of the singers - left, supersniffles, firestrike, and maiandra showed up. Timmie decided around then to have me suicide him, and so did Cindi.

The three of us were the rotation for most of the rest of the night. Tycho sang one song, which was a surprise (and didn't do too badly, either), and Kimmi sang one as well at the tail end of the night. She's filled an envelope, though, so there's hope for the future.

So there was definitely - as almost always - some fun involved in the evening. But not much on the profitable side. My share was, well, let's just say it was under a tenth what I made Saturday.

This is where I start wondering if I should begin a career in fast food...

Not much going on today so far, though I did just wrestle for a while with Craigslist. They suddenly decided there was something wrong with an ad I've been posting for months. Most likely as the result of a software error.

Fortunately adding another account fixed the problem.

Right at the moment, I'm trying to motivate myself to get up. Timmie and I are going up to the Dome for the afternoon.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: blahblah

Sorry I missed everyone last night (and yes, six people counts as "everyone"). Tycho's got a lovely voice; he was singing along with Michael Bublé once as he pulled up behind me at Kimmi's place, and I was all kinds of swoony. ;-)

Well, especially given the six people...

And yes, he does. He sang Bublé - Come Fly With Me, if I remember correctly.

*nods* He was listening to "Sway" the afternoon I ran into him at Kimmi's.