Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I was late to the ushering gig yesterday - it would have been a shame to not continue the 3 day streak.

Of course, some of it had to do with a huge mass of alumni invading campus - the parking lot I normally use was almost full. But most of it had to do with bad time management.

Not that there was a huge amount to do. We mostly reboxed books, then waited for the service to be over so we could box the last few. I was told the service would be over at 6:30pm - it actually went on until 7:25pm, and then, as the last person left with testosterone, I waited a bit to see if any more book boxes needed lifting.

So that was followed by a mad rush to the bar, where I needn't have worried too badly. timenchanter had already put out as much stuff as possible.

Plus the night was relatively dead. I started around 8:30pm, after delaying a few people (sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, Michael, chaoswolf, and David T.). I also didn't get a chance to change, so I got comments on the suit all night, which was kind of cute.

Slow, slow night though. It felt like a Monday, quite honestly. I'm paid a fixed amount for Thursdays, so it didn't hurt me too directly, but I'm not sure but what paying me took most of the bar's cash.

Still, some great people. jorgitoelcubano was there for a few hours, as was Honey. I got to see tankgirl for the first time since the Northern Faire fiasco, which means I could get her the gewgaw I bought her in compensation for not getting to go. Her knee is fortunately much better - she planning to try again tomorrow, and I'm tempted, but I really should probably rest between Swingin' Door gigs.

Last night also saw the return of Kathy R. after something like 2 years - possibly 3. She may or may not be moving back to the area. Quite a blast from the past.

A few minutes of Brian, sugarbare, and hollyk, some trivialt, the usual dose of supersniffles, and an hour or so of Terry, and that mostly does the evening. I don't feel like looking, but it's been a while since I've had 14 rotations on a Thursday.

Oh well. Tips weren't exactly enough to keep the disc purchases rolling, either. Hopefully tonight and tomorrow, though.

Meanwhile, I was feverishly trying to finish checking (and sometimes rescanning) tracks from the two new discs, because I expected to leave the equipment in the car today. I managed to finish all of that, and waited until pulling into the driveway to realize that I'm giving cekyr0 and jeffercine a ride to the airport, and so needed to unload anyway. Duh.

Since I was taking the full set of equipment, shutdown took a little longer, but nothing too nasty, and then foxypinkninja and I went and had a pleasant supper and talk at Denny's.

Then home, the aforementioned unloading, and sleep. Some sleep, anyway. Right now I need to start getting ready to pick up Jeff and Alex, though mostly I just wanna climb back into bed. I also need to get around to telling my parents I can't make it up tonight...

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