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Moon Phase

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Bruce [userpic]

First, the stuff: I just added two new discs to the collection. SC-8830 is a collection of headbanger stuff, which among other things means I now have a Pantera song and a Yngwie Malmsteen song.

CB-30067 is a recent-ish pop disc.

The counts are now at 13,496 tracks and 10,182 unique songs.

As always, everything's available on the songs page.

There will be new update sheets, well, tonight, which brings me to the second part of this post. I'm filling in again at the Swingin' Door both tonight and tomorrow.

It's at 106 E 25th Ave in San Mateo, and is a lot of fun. I realize most people already have something to do this weekend (like go to San Diego...), but if nothing else is going on, come on up and visit!

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