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Bruce [userpic]

Most of the time from my last post until Tuesday afternoon was spent either sleeping or trying to. Bit on the fitful side.

I was, of course, slightly late to the ushering gig, but nothing too serious.

So yeah, yesterday was the second of my days of Awe ushering gigs for Hillel at Stanford, and the first of my involvement with Yom Kippur.

Though honestly, it's not really ushering. More ticket sales. And trying not to look like an idiot when someone hands me a Yizkor card.

I swear that in my first encounter, the guy kept saying "discount card."

Yesterday had the additional little task of reboxing the books. The boxes that they use for their prayer books are falling apart, so during the service proper, us usher-types got to put together banker's boxes, and transfer over the books that weren't being used.

I had fun, but then we already know I'm kinda strange.

So that all took from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Then it was a matter of heading off to the Hamptons, for the late evening portion of dinner_and.

It was after 9:00pm by the time I was back south, which made my promise of bringing baklava limited - I tried one of the Super Safeways, and managed to get some brownie bites. A fail am I.

Things were pretty calm at the Hamptons, apart from cekyr0 climbing all over chargerboy. Much good food and good people, including snafflekid, Bennie, Paul A., and, of course, timenchanter.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone vital again.

I got some really good conversation time in with jeffercine, which actually doesn't happen that often. That was very cool.

In complete contrast to house rules, I drank water all evening. And, of course, ate way too much.

I left there at about 2:00am, came home, and did a very bad job of trying to get some sleep. I think I finally managed around 9:00am. So today's going to be a loooong day. I've got my third and last ushering gig this afternoon (which I need to start getting ready for), and then tonight's show, which I'm likely to be doing in a suit, since I'm not too sure there'll be time to change.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to scan in the two discs that arrived, of course, today. There won't be update sheets tonight. Hell, I probably won't have the discs incorporated properly until well into the evening. So come up and ask to see the discs - I've got some headbanger stuff, and some more recent pop.

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lol I take a night off from Fiddler and here i get more of it..

love ya bruce =p

Ah! But on the other hand...