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More Contest Stuff

I just got off the phone with James.

First of all, I'll be running the karaoke on-stage at S.J. Pride, which will be extremely cool.  I even get a VIP pass out of the deal...

That would probably be a lot more useful if I was gay, huh?  But I'll possibly get to meet some of the acts.  This should be fun.

Second of all, some more information on Sunday:  Each bar gets to make up their own rules, and James has his own idea of how to run things, which may vary depending on how many people we can, um, "convince" to join the contest.  As far as he's concerned, once we get enough people to start, we'll get going - but we'll be happy to let people who come in later sign up.

Also, with enough people, we'll do elimination rounds.

Still a popularity contest, though, so bring your friends.  And their friends.  And your mother's aunt's second cousin, twice removed.

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