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Set to Glide

Most of the time since my last post has been spent sleeping.

Big surprise, that.

I got the equipment and timenchanter loaded into the car around 4:00pm, so we were at the bar a little late - and got a little later because kshandra brought us dinner, being the wonderful person that is.

So I didn't start playing until about 5:30pm. I forgive me, and I think Kirsten forgives me, too.

So yeah, the first rotation was the three of us. But then sparkle_journal and jackal_logic walked in, followed a bit later by Elana, Denise, and their friend Dave.

And now the Tower group has expanded some more - a Samantha just put in a slip.

So it's being a very Tower evening, which is fine with me. Just from the listening perspective, they vary in skill from very good to blow-your-socks-off excellent.

There's of course a great deal of evening ahead - it's just after 8:00pm, and we're on the 6th rotation. But for now, things are very cool.

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