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Cheese Is Good

Went out last night with timenchanter to the new Melting Post restaurant downtown.  Like most fondue places, pricey, but fun.  I'd recommend it if there's at least two of you and you have around $30-$40 a person to kill.  Given the menu, the impression I got was that they sell wine, and will give you some fondue to go with it - each menu was mostly a wine list.  Most of the fondue info was in the back...

That said, it tasted great, and I'd happily go back.

The show last night was a lot of fun.  In general, simply a much better energy, and while it wasn't hugely crowded, we had enough people that it stayed a party pretty much up until the end.

It showed a couple of characteristics - first of all, the "creeping end", where the first rotation started out really small, but people kept trickling in at just the right rate to keep it from finishing.  Sadly, I lost a couple of singers that way, but, well, that's life.

Second of all, though I haven't seen it this dramatically, the "exodus".  There were several people that wanted to sing an extra song at the end of the show, and though I seriously didn't have space, I told them to give me a song anyway.  Why?  Because people frequently leave.  In this case, a block of 5 people took off, and I managed to give everyone who'd asked their last song.

I like it when things work out - especially if they involve cekyr0 doing "If You're Not The One".

supersniffles and I went out to Denny's afterward, and had ourselves a nice low-key time.  Steven joined us a little later, after he'd been busy for a bit.  Not anywhere busy enough, from the sounds of it, but there ya go.

Now I need to get myself prepared for the music thing tonight, though it's starting to sound like it'll be pretty easy.  The full band has their own PA, and I'll just be handling girls with guitars.

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