Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Happy New Year, Thud

I left off on Monday afternoon, so there is much to catch up with.

I managed some nappage later in the afternoon, but all too soon it was time to get to the bar and set up. And wait.

Around, I think, 9:00pm or so, supersniffles walked in. Patrick showed up about, I think, 20 minutes later, so I fired everything up at 9:30pm.

After two songs, Patrick took off, leaving us with a three-person rotation for an hour and a half or so.

Now, logically, I should be able to remember everyone, but it's been a couple of days, and my memory sucks. blankreloaded came in around midnight, and did his level best to single-handledly support the bar. Again.

He said he'd had some nightmare in which I was sleeping with his older sister (He doesn't have an older sister), and had woken up in shock when we asked him to be my best man.

This made for some wonderful opportunities for torture. It's amazing how well a single well-timed text message can make someone jump and yell "Fuck you!" - and look like a complete mental case.

We also had some lucydogstringer, who actually brought along a date.

And then I get fuzzy. We never had a lot of singers, but I'm pretty sure we had more than that. I only played for 17 rotations, after all. The bar did quite well for the night, in large part thanks to Casey, but it would have hit fairly close to target even without him.

Then we packed him into timenchanter's car, closed down, and had some supper at Denny's. Casey even revived enough to be carried in and eat something at one point.

While Timmie took him home, I headed back to the Duplex, unloaded, and napped for an hour before getting ready for the day.

Even with a fairly full set of preparations, I was still late to Stanford - I got there at 8:30am, when I was supposed to be there at 8:00am. I was fully expecting to be kicked out, but it turned out to not be too serious of a problem, which was cool.

So I now know more about Rosh Hashanah than I did before. The other main usher working with me was a slightly-older-than-myself Jewish woman, to whom I am quite indebted - she did a great job of helping me make less of a fool of myself. She was also a lot of fun to talk to.

And, now and then, there were also Marta and moahb. The company kept me awake enough that I didn't start to fade too badly until about noon - but we were re-boxing the books at that point, which kept me going.

Then I wove my way home, and was there long enough to change clothes before Timmie picked me up to head to the Dome.

I managed to catch a little more nappage there, while he was helping clean the solar panels. But not a huge amount, honestly. We also did a few more things around the place. Well, he did. The only thing I participated in was installing some new blinds in the office window.

We had a pleasant dinner, and then headed down the hill around 10:00pm, at which time I collapsed in blessed sleep. That lasted until about 2:00pm Wednesday afternoon, with a couple of short periods of lucidity in between.

Also coughing. At about the time we got to my parents I'd developed a cough. I still don't know if it's an actual disease, or just my body reacting badly to sleep deprivation. It does that sometimes. But I'm still feeling a bit off, so I've been dosing myself with the elderberry stuff and echinacea tea.

I did get a couple of things done Wednesday afternoon - the main one being paying the rent, which is always a bit tricky.

I also spent some time with tankgirl, who wanted to look at costuming for this Saturday's Faire jaunt. She especially wanted to look at my pouch collection, which I have been completely unable to find. This is, of course, what happens when you don't unpack for a year and a half.

But it meant I got to spend a little more time hanging out with Angela, which is always a good thing. Around 5:50pm I got a call from Stuart about dinner with himself and turn2nz, and I headed on up to Mountain View.

It's always good to see them. It's been almost a year (well, not quite that long for Stuart), and Sabrina has really grown. She's apparently becoming a bit of a tomboy, which seems quite natural, given Frida - but also is apparently disturbing Frida somewhat, which is just funny.

She's still working the whole "cute" bit quite successfully, though.

We walked down Castro to Cafe Baklava, where we had a very nice dinner. I actually had a couple of things I've never eaten before, which is increasingly rare. But mostly it was just a wonderful time catching up.

We walked back to the hotel, put Sabrina to bed, and then continued talking in the lobby. They were both fading fast, but I did my best to keep them more-or-less awake until Timmie made it there at around 10:00pm. That revived them for another hour or so.

Then some hugged goodbyes, a bit of hanging out at the bar, and then home. Where I got a call from, of all people, Desirée. She just turned 21, and sounded the teensiest bit drunk. I'll likely be at a party for her later this month.

But right now, more sleep seems like a good thing.

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