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Saturday: Drove timenchanter and trivialt up to the City for raininroses's birthday dinner at The Stinking Rose. There were 15 of us, which included amor_ereptor (of course), k_magic, cekyr0, jeffercine, dethtonge and his girlfriend Shandra (Chandra?), Rachel & Todd (an interesting couple I didn't know), and more.

Much good food. Huge quantities of garlic. In fact, enough garlic that (1) my digestive system was in an uproar until the following afternoon, and (2) I think I still smell of the stuff. Soooo worth it.

But it was odd when someone hugged me last night, and talked about how good I smelled...

I got everyone home around 10:00pm, and then got in contact with the Tower, where there was a request for entertainment. So I went and hung out until, I think 2:00am with sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, genuine_snark, and Veronica. I think that was everyone...

They played Fluxx. I made bad jokes. It worked out.

Then home to try to finish incorporating the recent discs. I managed to finish auditing the second one, then couldn't take it any more, and fell asleep. Woke up the next day with enough time to finish off the other two, do all the various related housekeeping bits, and get to the bar only half an hour late.

That was OK. Everyone else (except Timmie) was about half an hour late, too. So after the now habitual "WTF did Jose's crew do this time" bit, and standard setup, I got the singing started at just about 5:30pm.

Much busier Sunday this week. We even made a decent amount of money for the evening, at least if you ignore that the show ran from 5:30pm to 1:45am. But then, it was actually fairly impressive that there were only 17 rotations in that span.

We started out with kshandra, Chelsea, and Ryan. Kirsten brought King Eggrolls, which were as delicious as they always are. And my dinner for the evening...

But we also had quite a few others - there were 20 different singers over the length of the night, including a bit of tankgirl (and a tiny bit of Honey), some markobellydance and celticnoor, an hour or so of snafflekid (who, with Tim, got me yet more suicide songs. Yay.), a bit of Steve C's group (including Larry), Patrick, a friend of his named Nerissa (quite a good singer, and apparently a frequent visitor to Julz's show), a new couple that included another Chelsea (50s standards), a lot of jorgitoelcubano, a touch of lucydogstringer, and more.

Fun, but exhausting.

Timmie and I did the Denny's thing, then came home.

I'm just about ready to go back to sleep, but I have all these things I must do now. Though sleep is one of them - I'm not going to get any tonight. However, my laundry's in the machine, because I've been putting it off so long that I'm out of clean pants, and almost out of underwear.

That's been its own adventure. Someone - my bets are on the landlord's girlfriend, who I think is also the person that used up all my powdered detergent - almost broke the detergent drawer on the washer by overfilling it, and then trying to force it shut despite the (eventually solid) block of powdered detergent that accumulated on the lip. I had to spend about 5 minutes chipping the soap off just to get the thing to work.

Julz is desperate for me to change the website, because I have to tell people to come in and practice on Tuesdays for the upcoming karaoke contest. We actually ended up with an email conversation in the middle of the damn show last night.

What is it about her that annoys me so?

I had to ask. Now my mind's forming a comprehensive list...

And turn2nz's in town. In fact the whole family's here. I must do something with them. If I ever both wake up, and have clean clothes.

Speaking of which...

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