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I actually made a small amount of progress yesterday - I've added the karaoke contest info to the bar website, the decals are finally on the tip jar (crooked as expected - but without bubbles!), and I've made progress towards getting the LEDs soldered together. I might have made more progress, but I finally got back in touch with tankgirl - her phone had been disconnected.

So there was a small amount of hanging out, and an abortive attempt to get some of her stuff back from her ex - abortive only because another member of the raiding party was late, and she sent me off to work.

She was successful later, BTW.

I ended up at the bar around 7:15pm. timenchanter had been delayed, but Wayne was just leaving, so I was able to start setting up.

And that was the start of a slightly odd evening. First of all, the video was kinda fucked up. Timmie and I spent 20 minutes or so trying to fix it, but didn't get anywhere until after the show. It's now actually much better than it has been for a while. Amazing what one bad connection can do.

Second of all, the sound was a bit muddy. Apparently my feedback eliminator got in a bad state - I eventually cleared it, and the sound improved dramatically.

Then there was the crowd. It was simply an odd mix last night, both socially and temporally. 1ferritgurl had just gotten into town, with Richard, so there was a guy in a cloak playing the games for a while. This brought in the rest of the group, including chaoswolf (also recently returned), who was wearing a tiger tail and making chainmail.

The Tower group was also there in full force, including sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, genuine_snark, Joyce (who's relaxing nicely), Denise, and Elana. There seems to be a rule that Elana only gets to sing one song.

Aaron has apparently gotten over his snit, and spent a good part of the night - before disappearing quickly, one assumes to make sure no-one snagged his keys this time.

A very pleasant amount of kshandra, a short stint of jorgitoelcubano, a bit of Mikey H., hektikat on a sham date with Brian, more trivialt than there should have been, the last evening of Harmony before his move to Los Baños, a few hours of an eventually very drunk Matt H., and many others.

And of course, no hollyk, 'cause she pussied out again.

As well as a complete lack of Stripes. They were off playing games.

Also no supersniffles, which was unexpected.

I had enough people to start precisely on time, and had a second rotation that quickly grew into a monster. There were 28 singers last night, and most of them were in the second rotation.

And then, around 11:00pm, everybody started going home.

By 12:30am, there were 4 people in the rotation.

By 1:00am, it was me and Timmie, and I just stopped after the first song of the 8th round.

I played videos for the two of us until 2:00am, while closing down slowly, and then we shut the doors and got out of there by around 2;15am.

The bar did rather well, so no complaints there - it was just... odd.

A pleasant supper with Timmie chez April, and then home, and eventually sleep. Though not before I ordered another couple of discs. Tips were good.

Today, of course, I haven't been up for too long. Some of the recent disc orders have come in, which is to be expected, since I left the equipment at the bar. But I've got until Sunday evening.

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