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Bruce [userpic]

So far, I've managed to continue to be unproductive. It's taken discipline, and a general attitude of "Ah, fuck it."

But I did make it to the Hamptons pretty much on time last night. I'd been hoping to drag tankgirl along with me, but that was not to be - in fact, she still hasn't responded to my messages.

Oh well.

A reasonably pleasant evening, whose tone was completely set for me when I made that first G&T, and inadvertently filled the glass more than halfway with gin. I believe the phrase I used at the time was "It's like trying to take a drink by diving head-first into a juniper bush"...

Strangely, a lot of the evening after that is slightly fuzzy. But there were good people, fun times, and an enjoyable high-tech company bitch session with snafflekid.

At least, I enjoyed it.

Most of the boys were busy molesting Devon.

Then I came home around 2:00am, and went to bed. Given the amount I'd grazed continuously all evening, it's amazing that I was able to.

Now it's a matter of getting myself to go back to bed for a bit, and then I've got a whole afternoon to waste.

And tonight, hollyk's divorce celebration!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: lethargiclethargic

I ate so much sheep cheese last night I have begun bleating and lactating. The coworkers are unfazed.

Begun lactacting? When did you stop?

Wish Holly a Happy Divorce from me!


I kinda nixed the plans on the party, becaue I have to work tomorrow, and I didn't send out any invites.

Plus, I'm a bit broke.

And well, this divorce, although a happy time in my life, is kinda hitting me not how I wanted it to...