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December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
More Excitement

Yesterday I, well, had dinner at CPK, during which I updated the bar website.

The exciting part was digging up a flag background for the debate announcement, which now may or may not occur, given McCain's grandstanding.

Then home, where I ended up kinda hibernating. Dunno why - just not feeling social, I guess. I'd have normally been trying to do something with raven2000, but I just decided to hang out at home, and go out only if she decided she wanted to do something with me - which didn't happen this time.

At something like 4:00am, I decided to give in to my chocolate cravings (gotta be that time of the month...), and headed on over to IHOP for their chocolate pancakes.

Then home and, eventually, sleep.


None of the pending discs have shown up yet (the count is now, I believe, 6. I need to slow down, if only to keep track of them). It looks like Doo-Wop has finally charged me for one of them, so I might see something tomorrow or Friday.

I'm kinda suspecting that somehow they'll all show up tomorrow, just to make me sweat about getting everything ready by the start of the show. Not that I'm in a negative mood, or anything.

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