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Bruce [userpic]
Thrills and Chills

Or not.

Last night was pretty slow. Though it had some fun aspects. We were visited by a couple - Nok and Ulysses - who apparently had visited my show 4 years ago. I don't remember them, but then, that would be, y'know, 4 years ago. They were the reason we actually got started, around, I believe, 9:00pm, and Ulysses, at least, sang for 11 of the 12 rotations of the evening.

Nok did maybe 9 songs, and had a very nice voice when she wasn't being self-conscious.

Otherwise, we had some people, but never a huge number - income was 30% below target for the weekend. There had been a plan for Brandon's birthday to be at the bar, but that apparently fizzled. Though that meant we had Steve C. and his latest toy come in and sing a song, which is extremely rare.

A couple of rotations of Patrick, some very tired jasonmagick, a song from kizmet100, a couple of songs from Terri - basically, a lot of minor coming and going. But always too soon.

We had a couple of hours of tankgirl, who was complaining that her top left her feeling exposed. I had no complaints.

And so forth. I continued to work down the set of songs snafflekid left for me. Definitely kind of random. At one point I said something about "What fresh torture do we have," and k_magic responded with something similar to "He's being easy on you!"

Tim would know. Though he was gratified that Kendall also gave me Good Ship Lollipop, so he could experience it.

Generally a good time, if slow. timenchanter looked like death warmed over for most of the night, I assume mostly as an aftereffect of Sunday. It was, after all, a fairly normal Monday, when you come down to it - just not a really busy one like we've had for a bit.

We managed to close down fairly rapidly, and I verified that I can pick up channel 7 on the bar system - so we can theoretically show the presidential debates on Friday. I need to call Paula on that, and get that set up.

In the process, I got to find a rather bizarre hookup in the back of the DVD player, which apparently is there to, of all things, run something to the projector? The one that hasn't worked for a couple of years?

And speaking of Paula, there's the Club Spice fiasco. I just won't go into that, except to say that working for the clueless, and especially passing on their messages, is not always a rewarding experience.

Anyway, Timmie and I had supper/breakfast afterwards, and then home. That was 12 hours ago, and I'm thinking that maybe some food might not be a bad thing...

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I got to find a rather bizarre hookup in the back of the DVD player
I had to do a double take to make sure of the context and meaning of that one.

I see I'm going to have to come to terms with you potentially having a dirtier mind than mine...

You forgot to mention Ulysses's eclectic song choices, ranging From "Ice, Ice Baby" to "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy".

And also, you forgot me :P

I do need to mention you more often, dear.

And yeah, he got quite entertaining in his song selection - he started out kinda tentative, but as the evening wore on...