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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Check In

Since the last post, I, uh, ummm, er...

timenchanter and I had a meal at Carrow's. That's something.

I rescanned another disc.

Some sleep, too.

Yep, that's about it.

Oh, I did tinker with the database display a bit, because I just enlarged the artist field, which had some odd effects.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: blahblah

I was going to say that it should never have taken you this long to make that icon - and then I thought about the inherent irony of that statement for a second....

You know, there's not really a lot I need to say here, is there?

I blame the fact that they had to make me blonde before I could get re-purpled this afternoon.

Everybody always blames the poor peroxide...

Can you recommend a better target?

Me? No! Perish the thought!

'Twas just a passing bit of sympathy for the bleaching agent, 'tis all. :-)

omg.....SO in love with your sloth. gimme!

Go ahead and take, dear. I needed a sloth the other day, found one and cropped it to fit.

It ain't my picture in the first place...

Is that mildew growing in your fur?

Nope. That's a heavily worn yellow stripe on the asphalt in the background.