Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Man and an Oscilloscope Walk Into a Bar...

Last night...

It was busy enough, but not precisely crowded. I had enough people to start pretty much on the dot at 8:30pm, and also enough that there were only 6 rotations before the end of the evening (1:50am). Most of those were around the same size, so the wait was always on the order of an hour.

The only Stripe for the evening was snafflekid ("Beaver 42." Snrk.), who gave me another list of suicide songs - this time without plausible deniability. I only had time to do one - "Bluer than Blue." Interesting choice.

There was a bit of what I guess I'd call a Tower presence - genuine_snark and Joyce (who seems to be relaxing around us. A good thing), Veronica, and Monish. Even justnate seemed to be more attached to that group than any other.

It was just odd having them with no jackal_logic or sparkle_journal.

Veronica put in "The Bad Touch," with the claim it was the most wrong song written. She needs to come back, so I can serenade her with "A Lap Dance..."

Both Hex and candiddani graced us with their presences. In Hex's case, for almost all evening.

Then there were cybrenn and Joe, a now permanently returned Mikey H, a quick bit of spawrhawk, and more. Much more.

timenchanter and I did our best to break in the Spamalot disc. I also tried to do Aquarius, with a predictable level of success.

jasonmagick got to play with his new Stevie Nicks songs.

So, all in all, one hell of a good time.

Afterward, Timmie and I grabbed some Denny's, then we came home, where I started on the process of incorporating SC-8880. I got about 3 songs in before conking out around 6:00am.

Then up again at noon. I finished off that disc, rescanned another SDP, and checked the mail - which finally contained my paycheck for 8/22 at SJSU. When the PO said net30, they meant net30!

It also contained a nice little certificate from the United Way for the show I did for them, with a United Way t-shirt.

I got myself more or less presentable around 4:00pm, and headed off to the bar, wearing the new t-shirt.

I didn't know how messy I was going to get, and it's expendable.

I also was carrying my oscilloscope. Digging that out involved wading through my doublet, flat cap, several pantaloons, a couple of dresses, a tie, a dress belt, and a lonely-looking pair of jeans, and a laserdisc player. And that was just to start - my bed is covered with mostly slightly offbeat stuff.

I took down the non-functioning speaker, and tried to trace the signal through it. Offhand, it looks like everything's fine - there's signal going to both actual speaker units. Except they aren't making any sound. I suspect that Wayne blew them out the last time he played with it.

So I'm pricing replacements for Paula.

And then off here to dinner at Acapulco, which I'm just winding up. Then it's just a question of what to do with the rest of my Friday night.

Sleep might be good.

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