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Last night was the Splash karaoke contest for S.J. Pride.  It was, um, predictably organized.  Everyone does, of course, know that the KoC contest is Sunday, right?  Right?

In any case, the Splash experience is probably a good indicator of what will happen Sunday.  First, the show started an hour early, and some people showed up, expecting the contest to be then.

But the Pride organizers wanted more people.  So the time was put off.

In this particular case, for 2 hours.  Essentially, they want at least 15 contestants, and they'll wait all night for them.  I can't blame them, each contestant is worth $10.

The contest is judged purely by applause.  Well, with some limitations.  They wanted two winners, and it became obvious they wanted at least one to be male.  I'm not clear if a female is required or not - there's been some noise in that direction.  So - bring yourself, your friends, and your popularity, and you'll do fine.

In this case, the clear winner was my friend La Jentra.  She will be belting it out at Pride.  Be generous, and forgive her the fact she's straight, because she's a damn fine person.

The idea and execution are reasonably OK, the charity is good, yadda yadda yadda.  I still hate doing contests.  So come Sunday, have fun, and help me get over myself, 'K?

Tuesday was also mr_seed's first try at taking over Jeremy's hosting job.  Just to add to the confusion, John Avent, the owner of the system, was running it instead of Doug.  The man has apparently lost his hearing over the years.  The place was loud enough to make even bluize happy (Speaking of deaf).  Therefore a lot of us spent our time outside, where one could talk without screaming.

I managed to put myself in a funk, as can be told from my last post.  It happens.

Went home, finished moving Black Mag to her new home, and fired her up.  Hard to sleep without the comforting sound of the fans, don't ya know.

Not a lot done today - some ferrying of Mena, finished clearing off and moving "She"'s table, came up to Alameda, and I just finished some of Frida's amazing cabbage rolls.  We're all taking a break before attacking the strawberry-rhubarb pie.

And that's where things are.  Much love to everyone, as always.

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