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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Tuesday afternoon wasn't the most productive in the world. A lot of it was spent waiting for the UPS guy to show up, since the slip I'd gotten said I had to sign in person.

At 6:45pm, the guy pounds on my door, stands impatiently as I run out from the bedroom, throws me the package, and walks away. Most interesting signature I've ever given.

I then took my laundry (already loaded in a suitcase) around the corner to the laundromat. The bedspread was getting kinda funky, and needs to be done in a 3 load washer. And that was my accomplishment for the night - cleans clothes and clean sheets. Good stuff.

I had everything put away and/or made by 9:00pm, which was when I was supposed to meet up with raven2000. But she wasn't responding to messages. So I went to the Cheesecake Factory with timenchanter, where I (as usual) ate way too much. Good times.

Then home, disc assimilation, and an eventual text from She Who Shall Not Be Named around midnight. Some late business in Emeryville. I ended up at her place a little after 2:00am for a few hours of hanging out, enjoying her place's hot tub, and rearranging her furniture, if you know what I mean.

Yep, the bed's now in a different corner, and the desk/computer are now on the opposite side of the room, so light from the window is behind the monitor.

I think it was around 6:00am when I got home and crawled into bed.

Up again around noon, and the rest of the disc assimilation. I was seriously considering going back to bed when I heard from tankgirl, who was casting about for what to do for the evening.

So we ended up having dinner at Siam Square, one of my favorite Thai restaurants, which did not disappoint.

Then off to Alex's 49er, to see what would crawl out of the woodwork this week. I actually sang this time, if only because we were there early enough to grab one of Aaron's books. He only has two - one by artist, and one by song title.

Definitely an entertaining evening, from the hot new bartender (Angela would disagree), to one adorable little 22 year-old (Angela would definitely agree) and her impossible to describe mother. Really. I wouldn't know where to begin.

Then there was the woman who started the evening fairly calmly, but after enough alcohol was skipping and dancing through the place, not to mention apparently downing several people's drinks.

She left without her shoes.

Much fun. A couple of people recognized me - one may be dropping by the bar sometime.

After some effort trying to keep the 22-year-old from leaving with a kinda creepy guy, we headed back to my place for some random hanging out, and my copying most of my video collection to a flash drive. Then Angela headed off, I rescanned a couple of discs, and then did some sleeping.

Today's been pretty much more of the same. One disc is supposed to arrive today, but I have my doubts - and besides, if it does, likelihoods are that it'll be here too late to assimilate.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

I want to go to Alex's 49er some day. Maybe you can shoot me a txt. And the best part, it is so close to Mini Gourmet.

I know! Right up the street!

The $2 well drinks and beers aren't too shabby either - and I know at least their well gin isn't too bad...

I will definitely do that. It would be fun.