Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Can't Stop The Beat

Yes, it's time for another song list update. There's more on the way, but today we've got nostalgia, and recently packaged nostalgia.

For you soft-rockers out there we've got CLEG-163.

For a reminder of what things were like when the boomers were trying to improve the world, rather than sell it, we've got SC-8663.

And for all us fans of Broadway repackaged spam, there's STS-6021.

It will of course all be available tomorrow, along with freshly-printed update sheets (now in the new, 12-page format), which will look rather like the one available on my songs page.

For everyone keeping track at home, which would be, uh, me, the track count is now 13,349, and the unique song count is up to 10,072.

There are supposedly 4 more discs on the way, from various locations. Who knows when they'll get here, though. One's coming from Australia, the two from DooWop haven't been charged yet (they recently had a fire, so I assume they're probably having stock mailed in), and the fourth appears to have been swallowed by UPS.

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