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The hardest part of this job is the waiting.

Every night, I wonder if anyone at all will show up. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Given pretty much everybody seems to have had a pretty full weekend, I'm laying odds on the "don't" side of things. Especially since this is the first Monday without a birthday in a while. Besides, I was set up 40 minutes early. That's always a jinx.

Ah well.

I had a number of things pointed out about my last post. The whole Esperanza thing, for one - she came, she had one drink, she made an ass of herself.

The usual, what. After she woke up in a booth, and spent some time in the bathroom, I suspended the show for a bit to walk her home. Her gate was open, and her door was unlocked. Make your own conclusions.

There's also the ongoing story of the yellow mic. I checked its settings yesterday afternoon, and looked it over for mechanical damage. Nothing visible.

I also researched the cost of a new capsule, and remembered that somewhere in my trunk, likely destroyed, is the old red mic, with what was at least at one point a perfectly good capsule.

But it's all moot, because I didn't have a single problem with it last night. Who knows - possibly the feedback eliminator got in a bad state. Or something.

The afternoon was somewhat productive. I got a tool to tankgirl, and she was kind enough to feed me. Then I went and bought some paper for the planned "showtunes" book section, got my facial hair trimmed, and wasted a lot of time wandering through Fry's. No particular reason - I just felt like doing something semi-active and useless.

Ended up with a $10 DVD of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, because I'm a well-trained consumer.

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