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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
It Keeps Going, and Going...

Saturday, I woke up at tankgirl's place around 11:00am, and we hung out for a while, talking, munching on random stuff, and watching Chappelle. Around something like 2:00pm, she got herself ready to go do some chores, and I came home.

And slept until 5:30pm.

She invited me back out to the Firehouse, but, well, there are priorities.

I asked cekyr0 for permission to invite her to the Hamptons, which of course she didn't take.

I finally got myself ready and in South San Jo by 8:30pm or so, where I found major drinking already in progress. Quite a party, as usual, with many great people. hektikat came out for a few hours, so I got to spend some time talking to her, and there was a lot of hanging out with the likes of snafflekid, much ogling of candiddani, and general funnity.

It was Nate-o's one year anniversary with the Collective, so he decided to celebrate. He made a most impressive cake, and hired his roommate Ashley to dance for us. Her boyfriend usually does setup for her, and neither her nor Nate-o are all that technically inclined, so guess who hooked up her equipment?

And gave her a card, in case she knows a situation that needs a DJ.

Ashley was awesome, as she always is.

I staggered home around 3:00am, got some sleep, and got up, dressed, and fed just in time to make it to the bar for setup. I believe I was ready by 5:10pm. Around 5:50pm, Jason (the locksmith) had some songs in, so I started with him, myself, and timenchanter.

Around 7:00pm, Jose called to say he was just generally canceling the Latin night, so Timmie and I paused to notify people, so we'd maybe have some business.

With of course the immediate result that Jason went home.

But we did get kshandra, sjgrrrl (with Bradley!), kizmet100, and blankreloaded. Not exactly a crowd, but a great group of people. That was fun.

The not so fun part was the night that never ended. I wasn't going to cut out on people while they were still buying drinks, and Casey, especially, was still buying drinks. The bar didn't do too badly last night, and most of that was Casey. I can't say I didn't enjoy all the shots.

The others went home around 11:00pm, but then another guy came in, and was drinking (and eventually making out with Timmie), and then lucydogstringer came in, and foxypinkninja, and, well, I didn't stop the show until 1:30am - at the end of the 27th rotation.

I was just a little tired at that point. I had everything put away by 2:00am.

There'd been some talk of going to Angela's place, and hanging out with her and her guardian for the night - possibly helping with some painting. That so didn't happen.

Especially since then it was a matter of going to Denny's with Timmie, Casey, and Elly, and sobering up. I'm just glad the KoC Sucker shots aren't all that alcoholic. Then driving Casey home, and sleeping.

I'm up now, and will hopefully have myself dressed shortly. There are things I'd like to do before tonight's show.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

Don't forget the presence of the ever-lushy Esperanza.

Ah yes, I forgot to include that part.

The fact that she bugged the shit out of Casey was actually quite amusing...

Not to mention that I've only left in the middle of a show twice. Once to drive Casey home, and once to walk her to her apartment.

The sweet, poetic justice was not lost on me.

It's kinda hard to miss.

She's definitely more trouble than he is, but I've never almost punched her in the solar plexus...

That's because she's far less likely to be in your face, though you do seem to get saddled with walking her home a lot... I nearly forcibly threw her out of the bar last night. And have actually carried her off the property before. I don't hit people, but it's not inconceivable she might drive me to it. hahahah


I've walked her home twice. No biggie.

But the main thing is that I'm not involved in telling her she can't have her fix. She's not basically a nasty person, but when the concept of not getting her addiction fed sets in, so does panic.

And it goes downhill from there.

I just wish there were some reasonable way of getting her help.

But what if I want to forget it?

Dude, wow. I was telling Bruce last night that even after reading everything the two of you have written about her, finally experiencing it for myself was something else entirely.... *shakes like a wet dog*

Oh, she's nothing compared to Terry the Wino...

Fortunately he doesn't show up all that frequently.