Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Into the Wild

Most of the day yesterday was spent either asleep, or simply zoning off on the 'net.

However, by 9:00pm, I was up, clean, dressed, and meeting with tankgirl and her friend Josh at the Savoy.

The place was actually fairly busy, though most of that had to do with the pool table side of the building. However, DJ Whirl had a nice little rotation going. I personally think he was using a bit too much reverb, but that's about the only complaint I can make. Whirl does a good show.

Around 10:30pm or so, Josh was feeling hungry, so Angela climbed in his jeep, I poured myself into the escort, and we headed down to the Mini for some food intake. Then the two minutes up Bascom to Alex's 49er Inn, where an acquaintance of hers (Aaron, I think? It started with an A...) had recently started doing a show. Also a fairly busy little place, but that may have to do with the $2 drink specials.

Interesting little show. Very clean sound, and he's running off a laptop - but somehow is still taking a minute or two between songs finding the next one. Odd, that.

Josh took off home not too long after we got there.

They swept us out the door at 1:35am (odd time), and Angela struck up a conversation with an... interesting guy named Martin. There was some talk of watching the director's cut of Donnie Darko, and we headed over to their place for an after-party. Well, Donnie Darko didn't play, but there was a nice little party going in a funky little mid-30s veranda/garage area covered in pinups, with a huge snooker table in serious need to refelting.

The other names were, I believe, Sandy, Tom, and Roger. Reasonably nice people. I ended up playing a lot of pool, mostly with Tom.

We left around 3:30am. I dropped Angela off at her car, and came home to collapse.

Today my alarm went off at 11:00am, to make sure I got to an appointment with my parents' attorney at 2:00pm. What with all the political ranting, I almost didn't make it.

My dad seriously wants to make sure that, no matter what happens, my ex-wife doesn't get any more money out of my inheritance. He wasn't too thrilled with the answers he got.

I wasn't too thrilled with another attorney thinking I'm scum. Ah well.

That was over by 3:00pm, and I was hungry, so I dropped by Hobee's to overeat. I'm now uncomfortably rotund (why do I keep ordering dessert?), and about to head home. There are new cables to incorporate before tonight's show.

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