Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Skyrockets in Flight

Definitely an interesting show yesterday. Grabbed some Panera, then made it to the bar just a little after 4:00pm, where timenchanter was already setting up.

I was pretty much ready to go at 5:00pm. I didn't have enough songs until 5:30pm, but that's a lot better than I expected.

So we had Jason (the locksmith), supersniffles, and her friend besspeacetime. I hadn't seen Amy in so long that I didn't really recognize her. And k_magic for audience.

Amy wouldn't sing unless I had a Squirrel Nut Zippers song that isn't available in karaoke form, but we had four people, which was enough.

After a little over an hour of that, sparkle_journal and jackal_logic showed up, and the rotation expanded to a more comfortable 6 people.

Around 8:00pm, Jason went home, and kizmet100 walked in.

And after the 10th rotation, it was 9:15pm, and everybody went home.

It was, in fact, a really good time. For one thing, I got to hear both Chelsea and Ryan sing quite a bit, which is always a pleasure. And I was trying out a bunch of songs I hadn't attempted in a while (because I sucked at them). I was surprised to find that I actually could do a pretty good job of Whatever. I was unsurprised to find that I still couldn't do Man in the Box.

I didn't make a huge amount of money (well, tips weren't bad - I now need to order 4 discs, including a request by jasonmagick). On the other hand, (1) this was the first afternoon show, I've already had a person come out who wouldn't otherwise, and I've heard interest from other quarters, (2) it was a hell of a lot less work than a suicide Monday, not to mention 33% shorter, and (3) income from the bar was only 24% down from what I've gotten used to lately.

Timmie might feel differently, since he had to be there from 4:00pm until, well, 11:30pm, when Jose gave up.

Yeah. Jose isn't doing all that great with the whole Sunday thing. I'm not even sure he had any actual customers at the time I left (I don't know all of his crew). He's planning to keep plugging through the end of September, and then I'll likely get Sundays back.

At which time I'll have to figure out what to do. I kind of like the afternoon idea, if only because it somewhat counteracts the fact that I only have schoolnight shows. Not to mention that it means there's something different going on. The way things were, Sunday and Thursday were pretty identical, and while there were people who really liked suicide Mondays, the suicide concept actually scared most people away.

I can't count the number of people who told me how uncomfortable they were, no matter how much I assured them that they weren't going to be forced to do it.

On the other hand, if I get in the habit of always starting at 5:00pm on Sundays, I'm the only entertainment, and there're still singers at midnight, I know I'll keep going. Already, with the 8:00pm to 2:00am thing, I'm doing a 6 hour show, which is just not normal. If you include setup and teardown, it means I regularly work just under 8 hours without a break.

If I start setting up at 4:00pm, and finish with shutdown around 2:45am, well, that's nearly 11 hours straight through. I've got decent stamina, but that would be tough.

Anyway, something to consider.

I managed to get most of my stuff out of Jose's way fairly rapidly, then helped get his equipment hooked up. I'm always amazed at the number of DJs who have no idea how to hook up stereo equipment. It's not exactly rocket science. Apparently at the end of Saturday, neither Jose nor Paula could figure out how to get either mic to work. Paula, I can excuse, but Jose? It's a standard mixer strip!

Then I went off to TGIFriday's, and spent my earnings for the night.

Then home and, eventually, sleep.

I should do some more of that.

The latest useless project™ is building a USB power supply. The new power conditioner has a cute little switch-controlled BNC connector out the back, specifically for a gooseneck light. It would be very nice to have a little LED light over the board. Unfortunately, the difficulties include insane specialty pricing ($50 - $80? Really?), too-short lamp lengths (my case is strangely constructed), and various incompatibilities (most BNC light connectors are 12V. Mine is 12VAC. Many lights expect 12VDC.).

So I just thought I'd look at how hard it would be to throw together a quickie 12VAC BNC to 5VDC USB power supply, and use a standard $5 light. Which is an excuse to play with the various available circuit sims...

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