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I've previously mentioned InstrumentPro in passing. As an exercise in masochism, I thought I'd list the whole experience - though, granted, mine is not too serious. I recently read of people who waited over 6 months for something from these people, and others who had their credit card charged multiple times over a period of months (I'm sooo glad I used Paypal).

On 8/16, I'd had it with my old mic clip, and decided to order the one Sennheiser makes for their wireless mics. I figured that it couldn't be much worse, and would at the very least fit.

The problem being that Sennheiser charges a ton of money for its branded piece of rubber.

After much searching, I found InstrumentPro, which had the lowest price, listed the item as in stock, and supposedly had an OK vendor rating (I suspect, as many others have, that they shill their ratings). The first source of worry was the response to the order - a normal email from Paypal, a fairly normal invoice including their number and an assurance that "an email will be sent once your order has shipped", and a "Mail delivery failed" message, where it appeared that their automatic spamnewsletter generation software tried to send a message from me to the textual representation of a pipe.

By the 22nd, I was kinda wondering how long it took to send an in-stock item from Pleasanton to San Jose. Especially since I'd wanted the clip for a party that night. So I called their customer service that morning, was routed to voicemail, and left a message.

By noon on the 25th, I was fairly certain they wouldn't call back, and so called again. Got a pleasant young guy that left me on hold for 10 minutes while he "checked the warehouse," and told me it was due to arrive "from their other warehouse" the next day, would be shipped then, and that I'd get an email with tracking information.

So I called back in the early afternoon on the 28th. Got a gruff older guy who told me the item hadn't been in stock, was on order from Sennheiser, and was due in on 9/4. And that I'd get an email with tracking info when it did.

On 9/2, I actually received an email from them. It told me that the clip was to be shipped from the warehouse that day, and that, well, I'd get an email with tracking info when it did.

Today the postman knocked on my door to tell me a package had arrived - I actually now have the clip.

They didn't even open the package - it was sent to them UPS Ground from Sennheiser, they slapped a USPS sticker on the box, and mailed it to me.

According to UPS, they did, in fact, receive the package on the 2nd. InstrumentPro didn't send it out until the 4th, but they did receive it on the 2nd. More interesting is the fact that it was shipped to them on the 26th, giving me the impression that "in the warehouse next day" guy actually prompted someone to order the part.

I'm kinda expecting some kind of email from them in the next two weeks, telling me they've mailed it.

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