Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I of course didn't do anything productive yesterday afternoon (except sleep). I did, however, make it over to La Fondue in time for Vee's birthday dinner.

It was another odd situation where I was early for an event involving my cousin. In fact, I was the first one there.

The celebrants were myself, Beth/Liz, Vee (of course), a coworker/friend of Beth's named Maria, and a coworker of Vee's named Ben. Fun group.

There was the usual confusion about food selection, made more complicated by Beth's vegetarianism.

And in the end, we all ate way too much. This is, I believe, La Fondue tradition. I'm not sure the slightly gamy crocodile and venison were, but we dealt.

We left the restaurant a little after midnight, and ended up talking on the street until almost 1:00am.

I'd commented something to snafflekid about dropping by Hunters afterwards for his birthday, but (1) I didn't get anything back from a text to his phone, (2) the thought of walking into a loud bar really didn't appeal, and (3) it was freakin' 1:00am. The damn place was closing down anyway.

So, I'm sorry, Kendall. I meant to drop by and wish you a happy birthday, and I didn't. Hope you had a good one.

And now I'm home, I've caught up with everything on the 'net, and I'm seriously contemplating just going to bed. The temperature in my room is down to a frigid 83°, and I'm tempted to take advantage of that before it goes back up in the morning.

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